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Green cleaning in Charlotte, NC

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Keep summer enjoyable

Have you considered green cleaning to remove mold and mildew in your home? Hot humid weather means that most of us will close the doors and windows and turn on the air conditioning or evaporative coolers. This is a comfortable solution for many people, but if your home has mold growth over the winter, it can cause needless suffering for members of your household. Mold may be growing in your home and you don’t realize it. Mold forms and thrives in warm, dark, and humid environments. Places where mold is most prominent is in your kitchen, bathroom, attic, and basement. Under the right conditions, mold can grow within 24-48 hours. Mold can cause even healthy people to experience respiratory illnesses and allergic reactions. This is why it is important to kill mold as soon as it is discovered. We want to share some green cleaning solutions for eliminating mold:


  • Vinegar is so because it is a mild acid, which kills almost every type of mold species.
  • Combined with baking soda, you provide a powerful combination that will get rid mold.
  • To kill mold, pour undiluted white distilled vinegar into a spray bottle.
  • Spray the vinegar onto the moldy surface, and then let the solution sit for an hour.
  • Finally, wipe or rinse the area with clean water, and allow the surface to dry.

Green cleaning maid service in Charlotte, NC

For people who do not have the time to regularly clean their own homes, Gloria M’s Cleaning Services are customized to meet your cleaning and housekeeping needs. They offer free in-home consultations in an effort to understand your expectations for your household cleaning. Gloria M’s Cleaning Services offers flexibility in the frequency of home cleanings, and options for green cleaning services upon request. Call them today for a free quote on regular green cleaning service for your home or business.