Charlotte house cleaning services: tips for removing pet odors

Charlotte House cleaning services in Charlotte, NC

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Eliminating household odors

A big part of Charlotte house cleaning services is to remove stale odors. It is often desired to replace stale odors with warm, inviting scents that leave your guests and visitors impressed with your home. There are many reasons for annoying household odors, and some are more difficult to remove than others. This is particularly true if the home is older, or you are subject to hot and humid weather. Clearing out the clutter and giving your home a chance to breathe by opening the windows is the first step towards getting nice aromatic smells coming in. Considered to be an old fashioned remedy, air out your home by opening windows. This is somewhat effective for letting in fresh air and removing stale odors. In order to maintain air quality in your home, you need to provide consistent airflow. Make a list of problem areas that tend to collect odors. Do some investigative work and look for odor generators such as garbage cans, clothes hampers, litter boxes, and pet beds. You are probably already aware of the problem areas, we want to offer some affordable and practical ideas to help you add to your odor-fighting arsenal.

Dealing with pet odors

  • If you have indoor pets, they can be a very common source of unpleasant odors in your home.
  • Pet stains are not only unsightly, they usually leave odors that can permeate carpets and furnishings.
  • The only way to deal with this is to steam clean the carpets and furniture.
  • Once the odors have been eliminated, you can take steps to providing a fresh, clean smell for your home.
  • It is not just dogs and cats; it is also important to change bird cage papers regularly.
  • Choose a strategic location for cat litter boxes.
  • Birdcages and litter boxes should be placed in areas where the airflow cannot carry their odors to other parts of your home.
  • Diligent and frequent cleaning of the litter tray and birdcage is crucial.

One of the top house cleaning services in Charlotte, NC

Every home is unique, and that is why Gloria M’s Cleaning Services are customized to meet your cleaning and housekeeping needs. They offer free in-home consultations in an effort to understand your expectations for your household cleaning. Gloria M’s Cleaning Services offers flexibility in the frequency of home cleanings, and options for “green” cleaning services upon request. Keeping your special considerations and your budget in mind, they provide consistent and dependable housecleaning services around your needs. You can find the right service for your home. If you are looking for help with seasonal house cleaning, call Gloria M’s for a consultation and pricing. They look forward to hearing from you and answering your house cleaning questions.


Green cleaning teams receive special training

Green cleaning in Charlotte, NC

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Green cleaning services

Green cleaning has begun to rival traditional cleaning services for both homeowners and businesses. That is mostly because people are more aware of the potential health risks associated with traditional cleaning products. Green cleaning has become a priority for families who are seeking a safer environment. Businesses are rethinking their use of chemical ingredients in an effort to provide a safer environment for their clients and employees. Perceptions can change, and what we once believed to be fresh and clean, is in many cases, a mixture of toxins. Illnesses can develop when the average person is exposed to these toxins, leading to everything from mild headaches to cancer. Green cleaning services have become a prominent factor in the effort to reduce or eliminate hazardous health risks.

Specialized training

  • Green cleaning service workers must be regularly trained to ensure that each staff member is following the same green cleaning protocol.
  • The best green cleaning companies in Charlotte realize that their responsibility is to offer safer solutions.
  • The desired outcome is to reduce the risks that are directly related to asthma or allergy attacks for both employees and clients.
  • You will want to hire a green cleaning service that is proactive in creating an environment that will provide maximum health benefit to your family, pets, and your guests.

Choosing a green house cleaning service in Charlotte

Gloria M’s cleaning service is committed to doing everything possible to minimize or prevent the health risks for clients that are truly concerned about the cleaning solutions, tools, equipment and the processes involved in cleaning their home or business. If you choose green-cleaning services from Gloria M’s cleaning services, you can be certain that you and your family will be part of the movement towards a safer and cleaner environment. Remember, our tomorrow can only be as bright as our polish today.

Seasonal house cleaning your attic for health reasons

Seasonal House cleaning in Charlotte, NC

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Cleaning and organizing your attic

The attic is definitely one of the most dreaded seasonal house cleaning projects. At best, it will never be listed as one of the most entertaining ways to spend a weekend. However, it is an undertaking that will help improve your family’s health, and that makes it very important. Your attic and crawl space are undoubtedly the areas of your home with the highest concentrations of dust, dander, mildew, molds, and vermin; and that could be affecting your family members’ breathing and allergies.

  • It is easy to see why the attic is also one of the most overlooked living areas in your home.
  • First of all, very few people spend time in their attic, and it seems to become the catch-all for every item that does not have a designated place.
  • A clean and organized attic will inspire you to great ideas that will add living space to your home.
  • First, we must understand that the attic is not the isolated area that many people believe it to be.
  • Dust, allergens, and even chemical irritants continually seep from the attic into your living area through heating and cooling systems, ceiling hatches, recessed lights, and other openings in the walls.

Seasonal house cleaning services in Charlotte

Perhaps you require help with seasonal house cleaning and organizing. Gloria M’s cleaning professionals are happy to help you take on any house cleaning project. They are so flexible when it comes to scheduling according to your needs. Call them today to set up a time and schedule to handle your seasonal house cleaning projects.

Charlotte House cleaning services: reorganizing your garage

Charlotte House cleaning services in Charlotte, NC

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Cleaning and organizing the garage

Charlotte House cleaning services can help you with that messy garage. The winter season was filled with holiday bazaars, Christmas boxes and decorations, enough to qualify for an archeological expedition. In addition to that, warmer than usual weather has us breaking out the lawn and garden tools along with bikes and fishing gear. In other words, our garage is much more than a place to park the cars. What is intended to be a completely functional and organized space, quickly becomes filled with items that are accumulated and stored without order or reason. After 4 to 6 months of stacking items haphazardly, cleaning the garage can become an overwhelming task. Remember… cleaning is also organizing. When your possessions are in the proper place, the garage becomes a model of organization.

Return items to the garage

  • Once the floor is clean and dry, return only those things that truly need to be stored in the garage.
  • This will definitely require some discipline on your behalf.
  • It is very important that you remain steadfast in your efforts to keep the good stuff, and to assign useful items an easy to reach place.
  • You will need to constantly evaluate how often you will use each item, and store it in the most appropriate place.
  • For some it may seem a daunting task, but for many, cleaning out the garage is a therapeutic undertaking.
  • Try not to get distracted by items that you have not used in years, stay on task, and be prepared to plan for a garage sale.

Professional house cleaning services in Charlotte

Perhaps you require help with garage cleaning and organizing. Gloria M’s cleaning professionals are happy to help you take on any house cleaning project. They are so flexible when it comes to scheduling according to your needs. Call them today to set up a time and schedule to handle your house cleaning project(s).

Charlotte Maid services for furniture and floors

Charlotte Maid services in Charlotte, NC

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Cleaning your apartment

Apartment dwellers need Charlotte Maid services just like residential home owners. Every spring, once the weather warms up and the spring flowers bloom, you want to open up the windows and let the sunshine in. However, it is hard to enjoy the beauty of warm weather if you have not gotten your apartment looking spotless. If you choose to do it yourself, we want to show you how to tackle each chore without becoming overwhelmed. Consider the following suggestion that can be of benefit to every apartment dweller:

Dust the furniture, floors, and blinds

  • Dust can go completely unnoticed throughout the winter because its buildup is gradual and fairly even.
  • Look closely and we guarantee that your blinds and furniture have collected a lot of dust.
  • Go after the dust with a microfiber duster or soft cloth.
  • Close the blinds completely, so that all of the slats are facing the same way.
  • Dust them gently, moving in the same direction as the slats.
  • When you have finished one side, tilt the blinds in the opposite direction and dust again.
  • Carpets are one of the most common areas to collect dust and debris.
  • Vacuum daily, and periodically give them a good shampoo.
  • This is especially important if you are a pet owner.
  • Hard floor surfaces should be mopped and polished.

Professional house cleaning services in Charlotte

Perhaps you require help with cleaning and organizing your apartment. Gloria M’s cleaning professionals are happy to help you take on any house cleaning project. They are so flexible when it comes to scheduling according to your needs. Call them today to set up a time and schedule to handle your home or apartment cleaning project(s).

Deep cleaning the stove

Deep cleaning in Charlotte, NC

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Deep cleaning your kitchen

The concept of deep cleaning may be familiar to you, but the real skill is knowing where to start. We want to offer some tips and suggestions that will help you deep clean your kitchen without getting overwhelmed. It will be far less overwhelming if you tackle your kitchen cleaning one section or appliance at a time. The initial steps for deep cleaning the kitchen are to:

  1. Remove everything from the counters
  2. Empty the pantry and cabinets
  3. Clean out the refrigerator and freezer
  4. Clean all the remaining appliances
  5. Sweep and mop the floors

Deep cleaning the stove

  • Start by removing any food material that has accumulated in the bottom of your oven.
  • Remove and individually clean the oven racks.
  • Clean the side walls and the top of the oven, once it sparkles to your satisfaction, place an oven liner on the bottom to keep it clean until your next deep cleaning.
  • Clean the top of your stove with a mild detergent and a non-scratch scrubber.
  • For really tough, baked-on messes, let the detergent soak for about 15 minutes.
  • Remove your exhaust vents and screen, then clean them in hot water.

Professional spring cleaning services in Charlotte

Perhaps you require help with deep cleaning and organizing. Gloria M’s cleaning professionals are happy to help you take on any house cleaning project. They are so flexible when it comes to scheduling according to your needs. Call them today to set up a time and schedule to handle your special cleaning project(s).

Claims of best SEO in Charlotte

Best SEO in Charlotte or a scam?

Best SEO in Charlotte

Does a company offer the “BEST SEO IN CHAROTTE” or is it a scam?  There are so many people offering SEO, website design, social media marketing and online marketing on the internet today- who do you trust? Which ones are just novices- fresh out of class- just wanting your money?

It’s rare that I get really upset about something, but there are so many deceitful people in the SEO and online marketing industry- sometimes I just need to vent …and, it’s important to teach you how to protect yourself from these people! If you’d like a copy of my ebook on Internet Scams- click here.

The most recent scam I have experienced is a man, out of England, who teaches an online class. He tells his students to list themselves as “experts” near the end of class, encourages the students to all leave fake references for each other on LinkedIn (which they copy onto their websites!)

This particular student:

  • Backdated the founding of their business, by using an old business name- now claiming, on day ONE, six years of experience

o    The funny part, with this is that she said she founded her business 3 years before the teacher founded his business (that taught her the class!)

  • Posted the fake references from fellow students on her website.

o    How to check this- just go to their LinkedIn profile and click on the reference- you will actually be able to make a list of students that just finished this man’s course

This sort of business, based on false promised, lies and deceitfulness will never be successful long-term; lying is never an option to begin a legitimate business….Simply unbelievable.

What to look for in a legitimate company:

  • Years of experience
  • No contracts! You use their services as long as you are satisfied.
  • References. (Genuine, real references from clients who have received services from that company.)
  • Exclusivity. Companies that offer their services to everyone in your market will never help you get ahead.

Not many of you know that I became interested in the online marketing business because I had several people ask me for help. They saw the work I had done on my own website, The Blended and Step Family Resource Center, and my years of work online, and they wanted help with their websites, social media and wanted to grow their businesses and practices. I was a best selling author, social media guru, and highly respected counselor- but would never have considered myself an SEO expert or would have the audacity to put “Best SEO in Charlotte” on my website.

I helped two medical practices for free- then realized that I could found a business based on my social media, online marketing, and SEO skills- BUT, I knew I needed to offer the very best for my clients. I went back and took more classes, was mentored for months, THEN- I offered my services AT NO CHARGE to a medical practice. (Actually, I bartered with them for Lasik Eye Surgery for 3 months of online marketing.) I received fantastic care and 20/20 vision due to the expertise of Dr. Ivan Mac, and Metrolina Eye Associates received 3 months of my best online marketing skills. Here is the result:

“We have been very satisfied with SCD Consulting Services online marketing services. We have seen impressive results and we are reaching our goals for the search engine rankings for our keywords. Her services more than pay for themselves.”  Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Ivan Mac MD and CEO, Metrolina Eye Associates

When you do an excellent job- and produce results- you don’t have to lie or deceive.

Trust your online marketing, SEO, social media, reputation management and more to a company you can trust!  It doesn’t have to be my company, heaven knows there are enough large and small companies all over Charlotte and the United States. Some provide great services, and some, like the one listed above- just jumped into the industry as “Experts” – and want to cheat their way to your business.

I challenge those companies to work your way to a legitimate business- it may mean giving some business way, or bartering- but prove your skills legitimately- don’t dirty my field of expertise with your lies. There are so many good companies out there that are legitimate.