How to spring cleaning light fixtures

Spring cleaning - Charlotte, NC

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Get that sparkle back

Cleaning light fixtures is an extremely important part of your spring cleaning project. Think back to the first time that you saw your home. I can assure you that the light fixtures and chandeliers were part of the allure and beauty of every room. It’s not just about opulence; light fixtures can add personality and pizzazz to common areas, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Once you have the right fixtures, the only problem is that they get dirty over time, making them look grungy and bug laden. You do not have to clean your chandeliers and fixture frequently, but it should definitely be a focus during spring cleaning.

Cleaning the fixtures

  1. For most glass and plastic fixtures, use a mild detergent in water and a soft rag.
  2. Clean inside and outside of the removable pieces and rinse them thoroughly before allowing them to dry.
  3. To clean the rest of the fixture, you can either detach it from the ceiling, or you can stand on the ladder and clean it where it hangs
  4. Dust hanging fixture as thoroughly as possible, including swag electrical cords.
  5. Use a Microsoft towel or duster to clean ornate areas on chandeliers
  6. Wipe down the light bulbs
  7. While you have the ladder out, check to make sure that all the light bulbs are working before you re-attach any globes or covers.
  8. After everything is dry, put the fixture back together and give it a final once-over.

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