Green cleaning your toilet

green cleaning to a toilet

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Green cleaning the dirtiest spot in your home

People rarely want to hear about using green cleaning products for the toilet. This is because most people consider cleaning toilets to be the dirtiest and the most dreaded task in the home. Hence, they often seek out the most toxic and corrosive chemicals available for this task; sort of the equivalent of nuclear germ warfare. Hopefully, those who desire a more eco-friendly approach will be encouraged and enlightened by this article. Few will disagree that no area transforms so drastically, because a dirty toilet is disgusting, yet the porcelain bowl looks so nice when it sparkles.

Careful with green products

Pickling vinegar is a little more concentrated than regular white vinegar. However, if you choose to use the commercially available acetic vinegar, you need to be VERY CAREFUL with the eco-friendly vinegar. Be sure to wear gloves, and do not splash it on your skin.

Green cleaning the toilet

To start out:

  • generously spray the bowl, sides, and tank with vinegar or a vinegar/peroxide mixture
  • let it sit for a few minutes
  • wipe dry with a clean, dry rag

Be careful not to cross-contaminate surfaces by using the rag for anything else afterwards. Keep in mind that if you have a varnished wooden seat and lid, vinegar can etch the finish. Do not let the vinegar sit too long after spraying; then wipe it up with a dry rag.

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